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The story of America is written not only upon the land, but far out to sea and along her coasts and rivers. Ensuring that modern Americans are aware of this history is the goal of the Navy & Marine Living History Association (NMLHA), a non-profit organization dedicated to portraying the sailors and marines of the navies that had a hand in the formation of the United States. Our means of doing this is through living history, the “museum that talks back.” NMLHA members appear in a variety of settings: museums, schools, national parks, local historical societies, and reenactments of Revolutionary and Civil War battles nationwide. Accurately uniformed and equipped, our members provide a unique perspective on the largely unsung contributions of the Continental, British, Confederate, and Union navies in a way that makes history come alive!

If you enjoyed discussing history with NMLHA members at a recent event, please consider a donation to the organization. Ours is an all-volunteer association and living history is an expensive undertaking: to clothe and equip a single individual can cost a thousand dollars (or more). Supporting the member men and women who give their time, money, and knowledge is why NMLHA was founded. But we need your help to keep up our work. Your contribution to the Navy & Marine Living History Association is entirely tax deductible and every dollar will go to a single end: keeping our people in the field demonstrating and teaching a history that must not be forgotten.

Donations can be made via PayPal using the button below or can be sent to the NMLHA Treasurer at 4160 Lauerl Hill Avenue, Norwich, CT and be made out to “NMLHA.” If you wish to donate to the specific unit, please  jot it in the “memo” section of your check so that we can direct it to them. Unspecified donations support the Navy & Marine LHA in its programs that apply to all of our member groups. Thank you!

Chris Grimes
President, NMLHA

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