Joining the
Navy & Marine Living History Association

Member Units, Member Benefits

Membership in the NMLHA is open without regard to race or religion to new or established Navy and Marine units or individuals portraying authentic Navy and Marine ship's companies from 1750 to 1900. The procedure for each type of membership is as follows:

For consideration of Unit Membership, send an email with the following information:

1.   A description of your group, (e.g., Confederate Marines, Royal Navy of the 1780s, WWI USN, etc.)
2.   How many people are in your crew.
3.   How many times you appear in this naval portrayal each year (roughly)*
4.   If you have a website for the unit, please provide the URL.
5.   What kinds of event you participate in, (e.g., museums, historic sites, in the field, etc.)
    *Many living history groups portray both Navy and Army; NMLHA is interested in the number of naval appearances.

This email will be distributed among the current board officers for a vote, for which we allow five (5) business days. The decision of the board will be communicated to the applicant unit as soon as a majority is reached. Subsequent to acceptance into the Association, a new unit needs to do the following:

1.   Send a check made out to "NMLHA" to Treasurer McLean (address provided upon approval of membership)
2.   Provide and maintain a complete roster of unit members to Secretary Tucker*
3.   Send contact information for one board officer and one backup officer to President Veit**
4.   Respond to the email sent from Yahoo eGroups. This will add the names of the Board officer and designated second to the forum NMLHA uses for Board discussions.
5 Provide and update a list of all the events your unit (or any individual member) will attend in the coming year. This info must be collected so that we can maintain a master list of NMLHA events for our insurance agent. NMLHA members attending events not on this list are not covered by our liability insurance. Your event list can be emailed to either VP Grimes or President Veit
    *It is the responsibility of each unit to keep their roster up-to-date with the Secretary, as it is our only means of proving membership for insurance purposes.
    *Name, home mailing address, home phone number, email address. This information is distributed only to Board officers and their designated seconds. The information is not posted anywhere online..

Units join at the group rate of $75 per year regardless of the number of members in their organization. If you apply and are accepted after November 30 of any year, the annual dues for that year are $40 (May 1 to May 1). Dues are always due on the first of May. Insurance payments of $4 per individual member are due from units by May 15. 

Your crew will be covered by the NMLHA liability policy upon receipt of your dues check and receipt of your crew roster, and your group will be considered a provisional member of the Navy & Marine LHA. This means that, while you are welcome to take part in online discussions, you will not yet be allowed to vote. A crew remains in the provisional state until NMLHA can conduct a peer review. This is basically a visual inspection and must take place within no more than ten months following the granting of provisional membership. Upon successfully passing the peer review, the coordinator will report to the full board and request a vote on granting full membership. Once fully accepted, the new crew can vote. If an applicant crew does not pass the peer review, it may not reapply for membership for one (1) year.

Individual Membership in the Navy & Marine LHA is through our Fleet Reserve crew. The purpose of this virtual group is to provide a unit for individual naval reenactors who do not live in the vicinity of a naval group or who choose to remain independent. Annual dues for members of the Fleet Reserve are $15 and information about joining can be found on the crew website.

General Information

Printable PDF files of the NMLHA liability insurance policy can be requested by members from the President.

NMLHA correspondence that established our non-profit status with the IRS can be found here.

The Association conducts an annual online board meeting in the month of March. The exact date will be communicated to all Board officers and their seconds in late February of each year. The Secretary will call for topics / proposals for discussion and will distribute a list of these before the meeting. The Secretary will introduce each question during the Board meeting and record the vote on each item, and provide a summary of the discussion and results following the meeting. The meeting is always scheduled to last a minimum of one (1) week to allow all members ample opportunity to participate via email.

The Bylaws of the Association are available online; if you have any questions after reviewing these and reading the above information, please contact Bruce Tucker, Secretary, or Chuck Veit, President.

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