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Farragut & Our Naval Commanders

By J. T. Headley
Comprising the early life and public services of the prominent naval commanders who, with Grant and Sherman and their generals, brought to a triumphant close the great rebellion of 1861-1865. (First edition 1867)

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Chapter I
Modern Science in Naval Warfare
Page 33-45
Chapter XII
Rear-Admiral  Charles H. Davis
Page 252-270
Chapter XXIII*
Rear-Admiral  John A. Dahlgren
Page 456-495

Chapter II
Admiral David Glascoe Farragut
Page 46-102

Chapter XIII
Commander Homer C. Blake
Page 271-287

Chapter XXIV
Rear-Admiral  Hiram Paulding
Page 496-502

Chapter III
Rear-Admiral Charles Wilkes
Page 103-111

Chapter XIV
Commodore John A. Winslow
Page 288-319

Chapter XXV
Rear-Admiral  James S. Palmer
Page 503-511

Chapter IV
Rear-Admiral  Silas H. Stringham
Page 112-122

Chapter XV
Rear-Admiral  David D. Porter
Page 320-382

Chapter XXVI
Captain John L. Worden
Page 512-522

Chapter V
Rear-Admiral  Samuel F. Dupont
Page 123-151

Chapter XVI
Commander William B. Cushing
Page 383-399

Chapter XXVII
Rear-Admiral  Henry H. Bell
Page 523-529

Chapter VI
Rear-Admiral Andrew H. Foote
Page 152-181

Chapter XVII
Rear-Admiral  Stephen C. Rowan
Page 400-415

Chapter XXVIII
Commodore Melancthon Smith
Page 530-541

Chapter VIII*
Commodore Charles S. Boggs
Page 182-195

Chapter XVIII
Commodore Samuel P. Lee
Page 416-421

Chapter XXIX
Commodore John Rodgers
Page 542-547

Chapter IX
Rear-Admiral Louis M. Goldsborough
Page 196-208

Chapter XIX
Commodore Thornton A. Jenkins
Page 422-425

Chapter XXX***
Rear-Admiral  Thomas T. Craven
Page 568-575

Chapter X
Colonel Charles Ellet
Page 209-223

Chapter XX
Rear-Admiral  Henry K. Thatcher
Page 426-434

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Chapter XI
Rear-Admiral Theodorus Bailey
Page 224-251

Chapter XXI
Commodore William D. Porter
Page 435-455

*No Chapter VII or XXII.
**This twenty-page gap is for the illustrations.
***Chapter XXX also mentions:
Rear-Admiral Charles H. Bell , Rear-Admiral George F. Pearson , Rear-Admiral Sylvanus Godon , Rear-Admiral Lardner, Rear-Admiral Gregory , Rear-Admiral William Radford , Commodores Henry Walke,  James Alden , James Mckinstry, Oliver S. Glisson, Augustus H. Kilty, John B. Marchand, Wm. Rodgers Taylor, Benjamin F. Sands, Daniel B. Ridgely, and Captain Percival Drayton


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