Civil War Underwater Warfare Prints

A series of hand-colored prints of undersea warfare in the Civil War period.
Click on a thumbnail to open and download an 11x17" high-resolution PDF file.
(Note: Colors are used to differentiate different parts of a vessel, and do not indicate actual color schemes.)

For descriptions of these vessels, please refer to the article on Civil War submarines in our "On Deck!" section.

Charleston Harbor Williams Sub, Triton Co Hartshorn's 1863 Sub Propeller Sketch, 1861 New Orleans Sub, 1861
Wilson Submarine Armor Triton Co. Sub, 1863 Civil War Diving Suits A Singer Torpedo (Mine)
Triton Co. Sub, Late 1863 The "Intelligent Whale" Plans for One-Man Sub, 1865 Cheney's 1861 Submarine
Plans for Submarine Battery 20th century Diagram of Anstilt Boat Kroehl's "Explorer" 1864 Bauer's "Brandtaucher"
Confederate Ram, "Pioneer" Pioneer II A Clockwork Torpedo, Triton Co. General Rains' Plan for a Sub,arine
"Intelligent Whale" Confederate Spar Torpedo Boat Phillip's 1851 Submarine Winan's 1858 Cigar Steamer
1864 Plan for a Submarine

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