New Alligator Poster

Thanks to a grant from the Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities (MFH), the Navy & Marine LHA was able to create and print a new version of the Alligator poster. This new design includes additional views of the sub and its components, as well as a great deal more information. The poster measures 24x36. The NOAA Outreach Office has graciously agreed to continue distribution of single posters, so please contact them by email ( with any request. Be sure to specify that you would like the new poster or you might receive the 2006 version.


The links below will allow you to download three different sizes of an earlier Alligator informational poster. These reflect the illustration of the vessel as of the 19 October 2005 digital model. PDF files can be printed locally. The original NOAA poster design  and Alligator logo are also available on their website.

Large: 24"x36"
Medium: 11"x17"
Small: 8-1/2"x11"

To be notified when the NMLHA Alligator site is updated, please send an email to: