08    Saturday: Merrimack sinks Cumberland, destroys Congress
     Watson telegrams Renwick to assemble “think tank” to devise response to Merrimack

09    Sunday: Monitor battles Merrimack to stalemate

15    Saturday: O.S. Halstead calls on M.O. Roberts to “hire or purchase” Illinois for “an extra hazardous employment”
     Roberts meets with Fox in afternoon, can get no definite answer as to whether Navy wants Illinois or not
     Fox evidently notifies Army that he wants Illinois, but does not tell Roberts directly
     Stanton orders Col. Tompkins (AsstQMGenl, NYC) to turn Illinois over to AsstSecNav Fox
     Tompkins wires Fox to state Illinois under USN control as of noon on 16 March

16    Sunday: Roberts is informed by Army that Illinois has been transferred to Navy Dept
     Roberts turns to Moses Taylor for help, suggests Barton as captain (regular skipper absent)
     USN assumes control of Illinois

17    Monday: M.O.Roberts signs charter with USN for use of Illinois
     Illinois departs NYC
     Welles wires Goldsborough to tell him of Illinois and Arago charters; paperwork “in a day or two”

18    Tuesday: Illinois arrives Hampton Roads

19    Wednesday: Assumed departure of Arago from NYC; chief engineer left behind

20    Thursday: Goldsborough instructs Barton (Capt, Illinois) in best manner for using vessel to ram (Merrimack)
     Barton replies that upon informing his men of orders, all but 5 men refused
     Goldsborough commands Comm. Poor to assume command of Illinois
     Stanton accepts offer of Vanderbilt from Vanderbilt, instructs to arm, crew, and provision vessel

21    Friday: Vanderbilt departs NYC
     Goldsborough instructs Gadsden  (Capt, Arago) in best manner for using vessel to ram
     Arago arrives Hampton Roads

22    Saturday: Barton asks that Goldsborough either give him receipt for Illinois or annul the charter
     Goldsborough informs Welles in disgust that he is sending Illinois back to NYC
     Engineers from Illinois discuss orders with engineers from Arago

23    Sunday: Goldsborough instructs Lefevre (Capt, Vanderbilt) in best manner for using vessel to ram (Merrimack)
     Arago Engineers refuse duty; firemen and crew willing to side with them
     Gadsden (Capt, Arago) sends ship’s purser to NYC for volunteer engineers/firemen, expects crew will then serve
     Vanderbilt arrives Hampton Roads

24    Monday: Illinois arrives NYC
     Major General Wool turns Vanderbilt over to Goldsborough
     Navy Dept. approves Goldsborough’s annulling of Illinois charter party

25    Tuesday: Gadsden (Arago) applies to Goldsborough for USN crewmen, as majority of his crew leaving as of 4p.m.
     Welles offers to charter Illinois from M.O. Roberts provided he supplies officers/crew willing to ram Merrimack

26    Wednesday: M.O. Roberts informs Goldsborough that Illinois is returning under new captain (Babcock)
     Return of Arago crew to NYC – convince 2nd crew of Illinois to refuse service

27    Thursday: SecWar Stanton instructs Wool to retrieve Vanderbilt from Goldsborough for service under War Dept

28    Friday: Illinois departs NYC for 2nd time (under 3rd crew)
     AsstSecWar Watson informs Stanton that Vanderbilt desires his ship to stay with Goldsborough

30    Sunday: Illinois arrives Hampton Roads
     Goldsborough instructs Babcock (Capt, Illinois) in best manner for using vessel to ram (Merrimack)


09    Wednesday: Ericsson departs NYC

11    Friday: Ericsson arrives Hampton Roads
     Goldsborough instructs Lowber (Capt, Ericsson) in best manner for using vessel to ram (Merrimack)
     Goldsborough puts all vessels in Hampton Roads on alert – cites civilian ships specifically

15    Tuesday: M.O. Roberts writes to Welles explaining circumstances of Illinois charter


11    Sunday: Merrimack scuttled

13    Tuesday: Arago discharged

21    Wednesday: Illinois and Ericsson discharged

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